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The Slender Rice Flower
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Qantas and the 707 - by Dr Ron Yates
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707-138s at Avalon by Bill Fishwick
Recollections of a 707 Engineer by Bill Fishwick
Engineering Characteristics of the 707-138 by Bill Fishwick
Tahiti Engine Change by Bill Fishwick
Bill Fishwick 1937 - 2012
"V-Jetliner Pioneers" by Geoff Brown
A First Generation Jet Endorsement
What's so special about VH-EBA anyway?
The Data Plate
Little Sisters: the HS.125s
The Long and the Short of "The Qantas Boeing"
The Even Longer - 707-138B and 707-338C Comparison
A Page from the History of VH-EBA
The Skippy Squadron - Qantas 707s in Vietnam
Tiger Air and the Marcos Connection
Airmark Corp and the Michael Jackson Connection
The Day the Qantas 707 Fleet Diverted to Brisbane
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