The First and the Last

When the first Qantas 707 (VH-EBB) arrived in Sydney on 2 July 1959, it was Qantas Engineer Bill Fishwick (right) who "rode the brakes" when the aeroplane was towed from the terminal to the maintenence area. Forty-eight years later, Qantas Engineer Robert Phillips (left) rode the brakes of VH-XBA when she was towed from the terminal to her display site at Longreach. Therefore it is fitting that the two former workmates should be photographed at Longreach on 10 June to commemorate being the first and last Qantas engineers to ride the brakes of a Qantas 707. Bill supplied the wonderful colour images of VH-EBA and her sisters at Avalon in 1959.
Photo: Norman King (NK-349)